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In A Nutshell

OneNightFriend is an adult dating website for everyone who wants to get laid and is seeking the right partner to do that. The website is designed specifically to accommodate the needs of those naughty adults who want to have some fun both online and offline and are open to new experiences. It offers a lot of useful features to make the hookup journey fun and safe. If all of that sounds interesting to you and you want to connect with hot singles on the web, OneNightFriend is the right choice for you.

Pros And Cons

Pros Of OneNightFriend Dating Site:

  • Live Cams
  • A lot of active users
  • Easy to navigate
  • Uses 128-bit SSL protected payment system
  • Like Gallery
  • Allows to share videos and photos
  • Great for sexting

Cons Of OneNightFriend Dating Site:

  • Does not have a mobile app At A Glance

  • Best for: Horny adults seeking a hookup in their local area
  • Where: The USA
  • Favorite features: Like Gallery, Video Share

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What Is

The initial question this review needs to answer before moving any further with discussing the phenomenon of OneNightFriend’s popularity is what is specifically.

This review of OneNightFriend can boil down the idea behind the service to one simple thing – an advanced multipurpose adult dating website for horny singles. This means that in its essence, OneNightFriend is predominantly a platform where kinky adults can find like-minded individuals and arrange sexual encounters offline.

However, in addition to aiding real-life hookups and other sexy interactions between hot adults, OneNightFriend is also a service that allows horny people from around the world to explore their sexuality online. For instance, the website is well-suited for those people seeking virtual communication, live webcams, sexting, and many other naughty activities on the internet. All of the aforementioned are not only welcomed but also genuinely celebrated on OneNightFriend as this is one of the largest and most well-known platforms for sexually-liberated singles over the age of 18.

Indeed, one of the most interesting things about OneNightFriend, which this review needs to cover, is the fact it can boast having an impressive user base. A lot of people from all over the world are registered on OneNightFriend and complete the OneNightFriend log in regularly to explore the new options on the website and secure a hookup. This is one of the main intentions with which members of the service hop on OneNightFriend – to find a partner for casual dating, a fun one-night stand, or a no strings attached friend with benefits.

However, it will be fair for the review to state that finding a person to have a long-term relationship with is possible on OneNightFriend, too! Despite the name of the platform, it, in fact, has quite a fair number of people looking for a lasting kinky relationship and want to find a partner for regular meetings.

One way or another, the concept of OneNightFiend is such that it encourages you to eventually meet up with your matches and have that one-night stand you have been craving. In order to accommodate it, the platform is location-based and only matches you with people within the travel distance, roughly in the radius of 100 km around you. This allows you to get matches with locals and take things to the next heated level.

Apart from being an adult dating site available on desktops, OneNightFriend is also known for its gorgeous mobile version. The mobile app is yet to become available, but a lot of reviews already rave about how good the existing mobile version is. Developers of the service understand the importance of having a reliable platform for hookups that would be easily accessible from multiple devices, so they have done everything possible to accommodate one for OneNightFriend members. The mobile version has all the same features and functions available as the desktop version and allows you to keep in touch with all your sexy and naughty friends from the site.

The review needs to point out the fact that you will be in your best luck if you are looking for singles who fall into the 25 to 45 age category. These comprise almost a quarter of all OneNightFriend’s active users. At the same time, however, other age groups are present on the site, too. In fact, thanks to the service being so inclusive, it is also popular within the LGBT community! It has quite a large number of gay singles looking for naughty adventures alongside the straights.

members` OneNightFriend

How Does OneNightFriend Work?

A lot of OneNightFriend dating site reviews talk about the ease with which you can use the service. This review confirms it: indeed, navigating the website is an extremely easy and pleasant experience. All the buttons are accessible within a few clicks thanks to the intuitive, user-friendly interface of OneNightFriend.

What needs to be mentioned in the review is the fact OneNightFriend takes a lot of pride in being a private website that cares massively about the security and safety of its members. The service is doing everything possible to make adult dating and hookup culture more comfortable and fun, so they are ensuring only people with genuinely good intentions are on the site.

This is why you need to join the website by creating an account in order to gain access to all the profiles of like-minded adult singles. No need to worry though, later in this review, we will cover the signup process, but for not, it will be enough to simply say it is extremely straightforward and does not take a lot of time!

As soon as you have your profile all set, you will have a chance to really look around and start exploring the world of naughty adventures and kinky singles.

Some of the most fun features which OneNightFriend offers to its members according to this review include Like Gallery, Winks, and Video chat. All of the aforementioned features contribute to your adult dating experience in one way or another.

The first feature this review will cover is Like Gallery. This feature is somewhat similar to that of Tinder’s carousel, where you are shown profile pictures of members one by one and get to decide whether you think they are hot or not. If both you and the other member ‘like’ each other, you will form a match and get a chance to take your naughty interaction further.

There are, of course, other ways in which you can show interest in one of the smoking hot singles of OneNightFriend. One of the most efficient is sending them a wink. This is absolutely free and will immediately send your object of attraction a notification.

If you would like to go straight to naughty text exchange or even arrange a meeting in real life, you might want to consider the messaging feature. This review claims with certainty, OneNightFriend has some magnificent means communication: you can both send messages, and attach media files such as photos and videos to your texts. On top of that, you can even engage in video calls. All of this is amazing for sexting and other naughty activities.

However, as mentioned earlier in the review, OneNightFriend cares deeply about your safety and wants to make sure you only receive messages from real people with genuine intentions. To ensure this, messaging is a paid feature available to Premium members only.

Sign Up

As discussed earlier in the review, it is necessary to create an account in order to be able to access OneNightFriend. This is done to make sure your OneNightFriend experience is nice and pleasant and not intervened by random bypassers who do not share the same intentions of having a fun night.

At the same time, the signup process on OneNightFriend is quite exciting! First of all, it is rather straightforward. You will see the registration form as soon as you hit the landing page, so no time wasted on trying to find the sign me up button. After that, you will be asked to provide some basic information to help the system create an account for you:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your gender and the gender of the person you are seeking
  • Your nickname
  • Your email address
  • Your location
  • Your password.

It is important you put a valid email address as you will be sent a confirmation email to activate your account. From there, you may set up your profile by telling a bit more about your fetishes, kinks, sexual fantasies, and other things you would like other members of OneNightFriend to know about you. The review encourages you to upload a couple of hot pictures of yourself to get more matches!

OneNightFriend registration

Search & Profile Quality

It has been mentioned in the review that a lot of members enjoy OneNightFriend for the marvelous search tool the service provides. It definitely helps you to find a better match among the numerous sexy adults of the platform. If you have a particular image of what your ideal hookup looks like, you may apply some of the advanced search tool’s filters to your search and get the results that match the preferred specifics. Some of the criteria you can specify include:

  • Appearance filters
  • Age filters
  • Kink filters, etc.

As said previously in the review, OneNightFriend is a website that helps people to find hookups nearby. Therefore, one of the most important features that are included in the search tab is the ability to filter your potential matches in accordance to how close they are to you. This really helps to connect with people within the minimum distance and get your gears going!

Another thing this review needs to cover is the quality of the profiles of singles on OneNightFriend. Despite it being a website for quickies and casual dates, the user pages on OneNightFriend are still very detailed. You can learn quite a bit about who you see in front of you and see whether the two would be a good match in bet. Is OneNightFriend good for matching with smoking hot ladies? It indeed is! The majority of the profiles have profile pics and additional media content, so you can see for yourself what the girl in front of you looks like.


It was already mentioned in the review, the OneNightFriend team puts a lot of effort and work into ensuring the website is a safe adult dating environment for all the members. A team of trained professionals monitors the activity on the website and promptly reacts to any misconduct or breach of regulations.

On top of that, OneNightFriend is very careful with your billing information. OneNightFriend values the fact you trust the website with your financial data, so they make sure to exploit only the most secure 128-bit SSL encryption protected payment systems for all the transactions taking place on the platform.

Help & Support

OneNightFriend is known to have a very simple user-friendly interface, which was already described in this review. This means it is really easy to wrap your head around the service and make it work for you. However, if you are experiencing any difficulties or have any concerns in regards to the website, you can contact the help & support team.

They are available at all times and quickly react to all the requests they receive. You can be sure your inquiry will be deal with in the shortest time!

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  • 1 month – 39.00 USD / Month
  • 3 months – 21.90 USD / Month
  • 6 months – 17.70 USD / Month


OneNightFriend is a great adult dating website for anyone who wants to find a hookup in their local area and have some action to happen quickly. It is a lively platform with a lot of active users, which means finding a match will not be a problem. In fact, thanks to the advanced search tool the website offers to its members, you can easily connect with the people who would be the best fit in bed and beyond without any hustle. It is easy to navigate, has a lot of cool features, and, as this review can conclude, is totally worth it!

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Who Can Register On OneNightFriend?

This review has talked about the registration on OneNightFriend being open to anyone over the age of 18.

Is It Free To Access OneNightFriend?

The review covered the fact it is free to register on OneNightFriend, and a lot of features are accessible to standard members. However, this review advises you to purchase premium membership in order to enhance your adult dating experience.

Is Legit?

This review confirms OneNightFriend is a trustworthy website that will help you have some naughty time online and possibly get laid in real-life, too! It is all up to you there.

Is OneNightFriend Safe?

The moderators of OneNightFiend are doing everything possible to ensure every member of the service is safe and secure.

Can I Use OneNightFriend And Remain Anonymous?

Yes, you can absolutely remain anonymous if you choose to do so by coming up with a nickname not associated with your real name.

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