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In A Nutshell

IAmNaughty is a platform for naughty people who want to get laid or have some NSFW fun on the internet. This review confirms the atmosphere of the service is fun, liberated, and adventurous! You can always expect something crazy and exciting to happen. It attracts a lot of like-minded individuals, and there is a good reason for this: the website is full of cool features that make your adult dating experience unusual and pleasant.

Pros And Cons

Pros Of IAmNaughty Dating Site:

  • A lot of free features
  • Many active users
  • Well-developed mobile version
  • Registration is easy and free
  • Advanced search tool
  • Like Gallery game
  • Messages can include photos and videos

Cons Of IAmNaughty Sating Site:

  • Messaging is a paid feature

main page IAmNaughty At A Glance

  • Best for: Naughty and horny adults interested in having fun both online and offline
  • Where: All over the world
  • Favorite features: Like Gallery

What Is

The first thing this IAmNaughty review needs to settle down is what IAmNaughty is in its essence. Given the name of the platform, it is rather easy to deduce that is a website created for mature audiences. Just as stated in the name of the website, it is absolutely perfect for all those adults who are sexually liberated, a little bit naughty, and would like to add a couple of extremely fun experiences to their lives!

However, what is so special about IAmNaughty? Is IamNaughty good? Should you register on it? Let this review cover all the basics for you so you could decide for yourself. But the review already has a feeling that if you fit the fun-loving, adventurous adult category, you will absolutely love IAmNaughty!

First of all, it will be fair for the review to mention that IAmNaughty is actually an online dating site for single horny adults. It is one of the most well-known platforms in its niche. There are a couple of reasons that define IAmNaughty’s popularity.

The absolute most important thing for any adult dating website is anonymousness. And this, indeed, is something IAmNaughty can provide to all the members interested in arranging hot encounters both online and offline. The platform understands the role of mystery in naughty interactions and allows its members to have full control over the information they share with the other members of the service. This way, you can come up with a catchy nickname and let yourself have all the fun you want without having to worry about your identity being revealed.

And trust this review, there are plenty of fun naughty things you can do on this website. The most important being, of course, meeting like-minded adults to share special hot moments with. In fact, it is the number of active users on IAmNaghty in particular that makes the website such a great service to join. Indeed, IAmNaughty can boast having an impressive user base with members from all around the world, and the number of registered singles only continues to rise. Even though IAmNaughty was originally created as a website for predominantly American singles, thanks to the website’s extensive functionality and nice design, it has attracted naughty adults from other countries, too! Nowadays, regardless of your location, there is a chance for you to find hot singles nearby. This means you can easily match the people who tick all the boxes for you and have the same kinks and fetishes as you do. Being able to do this is especially important if you are horny and want to quickly find someone suitable for you.

In fact, this is exactly what IAmNaughty is best for – securing hookups promptly and without hustle. Most of the users of the service are sharing the same intention of finding a fun one-night stand or a casual date. However, if you are after a more long-term kinky relationship, you can find one on IAmNaughty as well!

A large portion of IAmNaughty members are heterosexual, but the site is also amazing for lesbians and gays. It provides a lot of options for LGBT adult dating, so the chances of meeting kinky gay singles are very high.

Another great thing this review of IAmNaughty wants to point out that the service is the fact there is a well-developed mobile version of the platform. With hookup services, discretion, and accessibility at all times are essential, so it is absolutely superb that you can access the website from your smartphone or tablet. The mobile version is well-accustomed for all mobile devices, and all the key features are working the same way they would work on the desktop.

IAmNaughty new members

How Does IAmNaughty Work?

Multiple IAmNaughty dating site reviews, including this review, agree on one thing: the website is very easy to navigate. You do not have to be tech-savvy to learn about all the functions and features of the service and start using them efficiently. In fact, thanks to the thought-through design, IAmNaughty is extremely user-friendly and accessible even to those who are not exactly familiar with online dating websites.

All you need to know in order to access the world of sexy singles is that IAmNaughty asks all its visitors to join the service. The truth about IAmNaughty is that this is done in order to make sure that the existing members are not disturbed by random bypassers who do not share the same intentions as real sexy and adventurous singles. Once you have joined the platform and completed your IAmNaughty log in, you can get down to the fun stuff.

The best part about IAmNaughty that a lot of reviews on the internet rave about is that the website is a genuine adult dating service that makes it possible for sexy singles to get laid. Unlike its competitors, IAmNaughty is generous with the free features it provides. This way, you can easily contact the horny adults you find attractive by sending them likes. The likes are unlimited and free on IAmNaughty, so you can express your desire as many times as you want.

Another point this review needs to highlight is the Like Gallery provided by IAmNaughty. It is yet another way of showing your interest to the members you like. It is a Tinder-like game which shows you profile pictures of members of the website and let you decide whether you find them hot and sexy or not. If you like time, the system will send them a notification and let you break the ice by sending a message.

It is important to notice in the review, messaging is a very important part of sexting and other kinds of naughty communication. IAmNaughty wants its members to stay safe, so they only allow premium members who are genuinely interested in getting laid to exchange messages. This is why the review recommends you to invest in the premium version of IAmNaughty. Especially since the chat feature on the site is so exciting! It allows you to send images and videos, which can definitely spice up your sexting.

Besides, you may also send Flirtcasts. Pre-written messages distributed among all the members who fit your search criteria to get maximum response. It will maximize your chances of getting some hot action coming through!

Sign Up

As described earlier in the review, you need to register on IAmNaughty if you want to have some fun on the website. It cares a lot about the safety of the hotties registered there, so you need to join!

But do not worry, this review confirms the signup process is both very quick and fun! It is understandable you do not want to waste your time filling out long forms and would rather go straight into flirting and hooking up. For this very reason, IAmNaughty provides you with an opportunity to skip a lot of questions on the questionnaire. You can come back and fill it out after you have had a look at the hot and horny members of the service.

All you need for the initial registration is the following basic info:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your gender and the gender of the person you are seeking
  • Your nickname
  • Your email address
  • Your location
  • Your password.

This review recommends you use your real email as you will also receive a confirmation letter to activate your account and be able to start using it immediately!

Search & Profile Quality

The review already covered the fact it is easy to find people you would be a great fit with. This is all thanks to the advanced search tool. If you have a certain image in mind, you can apply a set of various filters and search for specific hotties that would meet your criteria like no other.

As for the profile quality, it is a known fact IAmNaughty is famous for having extremely detailed and complete profiles of hot and seductive singles. You can learn a lot simply by exploring a member’s page to see whether you would be a match in bed or not.

IAmNaughty search


Is IAmNaughty safe? All the photos uploaded by the users of IAmNaughty are checked by the moderators of the service. They keep a close eye on the content posted on the site and do not let any offensive material through. Pornographic content is not allowed to be used as the main profile picture (although the review guarantees know there is a lot of erotica among private user uploads you may request access to!). Besides, the moderators also work hard to protect the members of IAmNaughty from scammers and fakes. They quickly spot and eradicate any suspicious activity and keep the platform clean and safe.

You may also rest assured that the security o your financial information is of the highest importance to IAmNaughty. The review confirms IAmNaughty cares a lot about the safety of your billing data, so all the transactions on the site are made through the secure and well-protected certified payment systems.

Help & Support

The review discussed how straightforward and easy to work IAmNaughty is with all the features accessible from the main page. However, if you do need any sort of help or assistance, make sure you check out the help and support team. They are true professionals who can help with almost any question you may have about the website. They are available at all times and can be contacted via email.


  • 1 month – 28.80 USD / Month
  • 3 months – 16.20 USD / Month
  • 6 months – 13.20 USD / Month


This review can conclude that IAmNaughty lives up to the expectations! It is a progressive adult dating website that is effective in its mission of helping sexually adventurous people to connect with each other and explore the magic of a shared kink or fetish. It is amazing for all kinds of sexy singles as it offers a wide variety of different options and opportunities for all its members. Besides, it is very affordable and is an amazing value for the price!

IAmNaughty like gallery


Is Legit?

Both this review and many others have concluded IAmNaughty is a trustworthy legit site to get laid and meet like-minded kinky adults.

Who Can Register On IAmNaughty?

It does not matter who you are, where you are based, and what your sexual fantasies are. If you are over the age of 18, this review promises you will be welcomed on IAmNaughty.

Is IAmNaughty Anonymous?

You can easily remain anonymous throughout your adult dating journey on IAmNaughty.

Is Easy To Use?

The review described the website as a very user-friendly and well-designed one. Hence, it is, indeed, easy to use, even if you are not tech-savvy.

How Much Does Cost?

The review said a lot of the features are free, but if you would want o get the most out of your time, this review recommends you upgrade to the premium membership.

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